Pet Friendly Guidelines

So you’re planning to bring a mate with you on holidays who has feathers, fur or four feet? We understand you just can’t leave your furry friend at home – your pets are part of the family right?

Is my pet welcome?

Well-behaved pets, just like well-behaved people, are welcome on powered and unpowered sites at the Estuary Hideaway Holiday Park.

However, they cannot be accommodated at the Molloy Hideaway Holiday Park because, well, the native wildlife that already roams the park just wouldn’t like it. Nor can your furry friends take up residence in any of our park homes, cabins, motel rooms or villas.

What do I need to do if I want to bring a pet?

If you’re planning to bring a pet, please mention it to our Reception staff at the time of booking. Please also make sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations and healthy (free of fleas, worms).

Happy pets, happy campers

We know you just want to relax while you’re on holidays – and following these few simple guidelines will ensure you and your neighbours have a great holiday and your pet stays safe and happy:

  1. A maximum of 2 pets/site. Pets must be kept on a lead or contained (in a van or enclosure) at all times.
  2. Your pet relies on you and is your responsibility at all times. This means:
    • Picking up the “you-know-whats” your animal leaves behind
    • Taking your pet with you if/when you leave the park (your mate can’t be left home alone)
    • Making sure your pet allows your neighbours to have a peaceful and enjoyable holiday as well.
  3. Tie them up outside when visiting the amenities, camp kitchen, pool, playground, barbecue areas and other shared areas. And please don’t give them a scrub up in the bathroom or laundry sinks! Taking them into any buildings or shared areas could cost you – either by stretching the friendship with irritated fellow campers and/or having cleaning fees charged to your account.
  4. These guidelines also apply to any of your mates/friends/family who might bring pets to the park.

Assistance dogs

Some of these guidelines are different for guests with disabilities who use Assistance dogs. Please check with the property Manager.

The naughty corner

If your pet gets sent to the naughty corner for creating a nuisance, damaging property or is considered dangerous to others, you may be asked to leave the park (and please save your breath asking for a refund). Or, we might “fine” you for any loss or damage caused by your pet or your failure to follow these guidelines.

With well-behaved animals – and owners – we won’t need to do that.